Contact Lens Exams

Contact Lens Exams services offered in Henderson, NV

Optic Gallery Seven Hills in Henderson, Nevada, offers contact lens exams to prescribe customized lenses for you if you're looking to switch from traditional eyewear. The doctor examines your eyes with detail and precision to provide comfortable and affordable contact lenses. Call and schedule an appointment today or reserve a time that best fits your schedule with the online booking tool!

What are contact lens exams?

Contact lens exams help provide important diagnostic information. Your doctor uses this information to select an assortment of contact lenses that offer effective solutions that work with your specific lifestyle.

Why do doctors perform contact lens exams?

Contact lens exams determine your need and eligibility for contact lenses. Millions of people worldwide wear contact lenses. They provide a stronger and clearer vision, allowing you to live life without obstruction.

Contact lenses often treat an array of eye-related conditions such as:

  • Nearsightedness

  • Farsightedness

  • Astigmatism

  • Presbyopia

​​​​​​​Contact lenses come in a wide variety. Hard contacts are the most common form of lenses and most useful for those experiencing astigmatism. Conversely, soft lenses provide better comfort and exist in several forms. These range from daily and extended-wear lenses to specialty contact lenses.

When you receive contact lenses, the Optic Gallery Seven Hills team provides instructions on how to best care for them.

What do doctors check during contact lens exams?

Like during traditional eye exams, the expert team at Optic Gallery Seven Hills first addresses your medical history. They will assess your family history, current medications, and if you’re currently wearing contacts.

Next, the team tests your visual acuity through a thorough examination, which includes using eye charts, measuring pupil response time, and checking eye movement and pressure. The doctor may incorporate additional tests depending on your unique needs and circumstances.

The staff will also take measurements of your eyes to ensure your contact lenses fit comfortably. They’ll help you learn to apply and remove contacts if you’re obtaining them for the first time. This ensures you feel confident with the process, as putting something in your eye can seem scary.

Are contact lens exams and contact lenses safe?

Optometry professionals like the team at Optic Gallery Seven Hills ensure safe contact lens exams and contact lenses. Their extensive educational training and application provide maximum comfort and minimal risk. Contact lenses reduce strain on the eyes and provide better vision when measured and applied correctly.

Call the Henderson, Nevada, office today to schedule an appointment or book online through the reservation portal.

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