LASIK Consultation

LASIK Consultation services offered in Henderson, NV

If you’re looking for clearer vision without prescription eyewear, schedule a LASIK consultation with Optic Gallery Seven Hills in Henderson, Nevada, and see if you’re a candidate for this life-changing surgery. Our skilled professionals use specialized laser therapy to improve your vision. Call the office today and schedule an appointment or book online through the website’s reservation portal.

Do I need a LASIK consultation?

You should schedule a LASIK consultation if you’re considering surgery to enhance your vision and quality of life. Several factors determine whether you’re a strong candidate for LASIK such as:

  • You’re at least 18
  • You’ve experienced minimal changes to your eye prescription in the last year
  • You possess a condition treatable through LASIK
  • You have generally good eye health

The doctor assesses your eyes through a comprehensive eye exam to determine your eligibility. Moreover, some patients are not strong candidates for LASIK if they suffer from cataracts, have unmanaged diabetes, experience severe dry eye, and more. The team at Optic Gallery Seven Hills screens your eye health and will provide the best, most relevant recommendations.

What can I expect during a LASIK consultation?

First, you and your ophthalmologist will discuss your unique vision needs. This often accompanies the expectations of LASIK. LASIK allows most people to perform essential daily activities without eyewear. However, it may still be necessary for certain tasks like reading.

Afterward, the team tests your vision and takes measurements of your cornea. This ensures that your cornea is thick enough while providing the proper data for the computerized lasers.

The team will also discuss the risks of LASIK eye surgery with you. Side effects may include discomfort, light sensitivity, temporary blurry vision, and scratchy eyes.

What can I expect after a LASIK consultation?

After determining your LASIK surgery eligibility, the team moves forward accordingly. If you’re not eligible for LASIK, the doctor may suggest other treatments depending on the specific conditions affecting your eyes.

If you’re a prime candidate for LASIK and you wish to proceed with surgery, you can expect several things. First, the doctor numbs the eyes with specialized drops. Second, specialized equipment holds your eyes in place to prevent blinking and movement. The laser then reshapes your cornea using the data collected earlier.

How do I care for my eyes following a LASIK consultation and surgery?

Up to 90% of patients acquire vision between 20/20 and 20/40 post-surgery. Your ophthalmologist will provide a custom post-care plan to protect your new eyes. This may include a clear, protective shield to cover the eyes. Additionally, it’s recommended to nap or relax after the procedure.

Schedule your LASIK consultation and call the Henderson, Nevada, office today. Conversely, you can book through the online reservation system.

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