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Dry Eyes services offered in Henderson, NV

You may be experiencing dry eye if you have constant scratchy and stinging sensations. The team at Optic Gallery Seven Hills in Henderson, Nevada, delivers relief for your dry eyes and alleviates symptoms. They’ll work with you and your busy schedule to book an appointment when you call. Moreover, you can reserve a date and time through the website’s online portal!

​​​​​​​What is dry eye?

Tears supply essential lubrication to the eyes. Blinking helps maintain what is known as a tear layer that provides clear vision and allows proper function of the eye. Dry eye occurs when a disturbance occurs in one of the three separate layers that make up the tear layer.

What causes dry eye?

A disturbance in the tear layers results in dry eye. This disturbance occurs from a reduced quality or quantity of tears pertaining to factors such as:

  • Diseases, like rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid disease
  • Living in dry or windy climates
  • Eye strain from extended activity
  • Wearing contacts for an extended time
  • Certain medication
  • Allergies

Additionally, reduced tear production results from aging and hormonal changes. Menopause is a common cause of dry eye in women, as it’s related to aging and hormonal shifts.

What are the common symptoms of dry eyes?

Several common symptoms of dry eyes include:

  • Red and irritated eyes
  • Eyes that feel scratchy
  • The feeling something is stuck in your eye
  • Excessive tear production
  • Sensations of burning and stinging
  • Noticeable mucus production

​​​​​​​You should contact our office if you experience any of these symptoms. The expert team will help diagnose and manage your dry eye symptoms.

How do you treat dry eye?

Artificial tears are one of the most common treatments for dry eye. Artificial tears restore moisture to the eyes, mimic your tears, and can be applied liberally. Several over-the-counter brands exist on the market, and Optic Gallery Seven Hills can help you navigate selections.

Another method of dry eye treatment includes blocking off tear ducts if artificial tears yield minimal results. Blocking tears from entering the ducts maximizes the time tears remain in the eye. Tiny plugs made from silicone or gel stop the drainage of tears. These can be removed at will by your ophthalmologist.

Additionally, medicated eye drops provided by your doctor help you produce more tears and alleviate dry eye. Other at-home remedies include warm compresses and eyelid massages.

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