Specialty Contact Lenses

Specialty Contact Lenses services offered in Henderson, NV

Optic Gallery Seven Hills in Henderson, Nevada, offers customized specialty contact lenses to correct and enhance your vision. Our diligent team recommends specialty contact lenses if you’re looking for a great alternative to prescription eyewear and want to forgo LASIK surgery. Call the office today to schedule an appointment or book a time slot through the website’s online portal!

​​​​​​​What are specialty contact lenses?

Like traditional contacts, specialty contact lenses correct and improve your vision with a custom solution. All forms of contact lenses consider your eye’s unique shape and measurements to provide a comfortable fit. Specialty contact lenses offer additional assistance for more unique eye needs and conditions.

Optic Gallery Seven Hills offers common forms of specialty contact lenses such as:

  • Scleral lenses
  • Hybrid lenses
  • Rigid gas-permeable (RGP) lenses
  • Toric lenses
  • Presbyopia lenses

Additionally, the team at the Henderson, Nevada, office offers popular brands of specialty contact lenses such as SynergEyes® scleral and hybrid lenses and Zenlens® scleral lenses.

What is the difference between scleral and hybrid specialty contact lenses?

Ophthalmologists designed scleral lenses to treat highly irregular corneas that traditional contacts can’t treat. Scleral lenses cover the entire cornea and rest on the sclera, or the white part of the eye.

Hybrid lenses, on the other hand, encompass aspects of both traditional soft and hard contact lenses. Hybrid lenses aim to provide the visual strength of a hard lens with the comfort and wearability of a soft lens.

What are the benefits of specialty contact lenses?

Specialty contact lenses help restore and enhance vision caused by unique eye shapes or differences in how eyes bend light. Common conditions treated with specialty contact lenses include:

  • Nearsightedness
  • Farsightedness
  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia
  • Unique eye and cornea shapes

​​​​​​​The staff at Optic Gallery Seven Hills provide comprehensive eye exams to monitor your eye health and check for common signs of these conditions. They’ll offer a selection of specialty contact lenses that best support your vision.

How do I care for specialty contact lenses?

It’s important to care for your lenses and circumvent potential infection or damage to the eyes. While it’s always best to follow the instructions provided by your optometry specialists, there are a few general guidelines you can follow.

Wear and replace your specialty contact lenses on a regular timeline. The ophthalmologist often provides a schedule for you to follow and update your contacts. Additionally, you should frequently clean and store your specialty lenses with a safe contact solution. Always redisinfect your contact lenses if they’ve been stored for an extended time.

You should routinely schedule eye exams with our team at the Henderson, Nevada, office and ensure your specialty contacts retain their shape. Call today to book an appointment or reserve a spot through the online portal.

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